Logic Premium. Huh?


e cigarettes

Here’s a category that could use a little brand work: e-cigarettes. While listing to news radio this morning (a shaving thing) I heard a commercial for NY’s largest selling brand of e-cigarettes: Logic Premium. Triple take. Logic Premium e-cigarettes? Come se kidding me?

So I Googled top selling e-cigarette brands to see if there was any good branding (starting with the name, of course) and there was none. Here are some of the leading brands nationally:

Vaporfi, Green Smoke, Apollo, Halo, South Beach Smoke, Ever Smoke, Social Lites, White Cloud, V2, Smoke Tip. And of course, Logic Premium.

Here’s a chance for a strong brand to own the category – to be the category– and they all opted to save some benjamins and poop out amateur names. A pot head two blunts in could have come up with 10 better names. In a half an hour. Aren’t these things colloquially called “vapes?” Street names are often way better.

Think about the famous names of old time cigarette brands. Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Camel…those were brands. Tobacco advertising was the haps back in the 60s. It’s where careers were made. The e-cig category is pathetic. I suspect it has bottomed out. Peace.