Marketing Gluttony.


Google, in its never-ending desire to be the next technology monopoly, has hired a co-president of Ogilvy & Mather-NY to become its creative liaison with ad agencies. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, he will manage the newly formed Creative Labs unit, “to work with ad agencies on new ways Google products can be used in advertising” and marketing.

The head of this new unit, Andy Berndt, is a seasoned agency guy who knows the agency business and how to sell to marketers. Liaison my butt. If you think for one minute Google isn’t looking for a way to create a creative portfolio and set of case studies it can sell directly to marketers you are mistaken. 
It’s another way to cut ad agencies and online agencies out of the business.  
Google can’t stop. They won’t be happy until they explode like that character in the Monty Python movie that eats until he bursts. Google was everyone’s favorite because it was a helper. It helped people find things — it re-inventing search. Now I don’t know what Google stands for. New widget ads? Desktop office applications? Video? Or just plain old “money.”
Google needs to focus before they become despised — before they grow into a tech bully.