Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl premiered last night on the CW network and it was a pisser. It’s Law and Order for teens, without the Law. Part cartoon, part social commentary, part drama, it provides lots of vicarious living for viewers.
Josh Schwartz, the creator, may still be feeling his way around but I think he’s going to settle in after a while. The actors are fresh with a few exceptions, and the script though a little weak now, shows signs of promise.
You know how you look back on old TV shows and see how the culture has changed? Well put this on in a time capsule and wait a few years. When we look back we’re not going to believe NYC kids circa 2007.
Oh, and through all of the pot smoking, martini drinking, various flavors of “the nasty,” you won’t see any cigarette smoking. The show has a social conscience? Hee hee.