Mattel’s feelin’ it.


What’s the idea with the economy? As I wandered the village last Saturday doing chores I asked retailers how the economy is hitting them. Bert the dry cleaner says the volume of shirts is the same but that people are waiting longer to bring in suits. (It’s not good for the suits, BTW, says Bert.) Linda of the barbershop believes people need haircuts to look good so she doesn’t see a downturn.  She’s a bit of a hottie, though, so her role in the survey may not count. Derek the busboy says the weekend dinner business at Al Atalia has slowed.  

Then I read that Mattel’s profits have been halved and sales of Barbie and Hot Wheels are off  21 and 22 percent. Ouch!  When parents stop buying their kids toys it is bad. Forget that my retirement fund lost some serious zeros last year — toy sales are down. What would Warren Buffet say?  We’re in some shizzz boys and girls. Well he might not say that, but you get it. Peace!