Mobile Nourishment.


I was reading some data points about mobile usage this morning (source Yahoo’s Simon Khalaf) and learned that 280 million people worldwide check their mobile phones over 60 times a day?  Did you also know the average American spends 4 hours and 11 minutes on his or her phone daily?

Of all that time, how much of it is nourishing to the body and soul, I wonder? If I were to guess 10%, would I be in the ballpark?

Health and fitness apps are nourishing one can presume. News and analysis also good. Thoughtful and heartfelt communications qualify. Music can be nourishing and certainly educational podcasts. But goofy videos, comedic cartoons, flaccid Facebook posts and hours of Candy Crush? I don’t think so.

Was I an investor in start-ups, I’d be on the lookout for mobile nourishment apps.  Once we flip the percentages from 90% fluff to 10% fluff we may actually reduce overall time on phones, too.  Bad news for the mobile carriers. Good news for people.