Sell More.


There are many ways to make money in marketing. Sergio Zyman, ex-Coke CMO recites a few “Sell more, more times, to more people, at higher prices.” Elegant, no? I work with a kitchen remodeling company Kitchen Magic, owner of a smart business model. Without going into the secret sauce, let me just say they manufacture a good product, offer smart advice, install it well and quickly, and offer a warranty that outlasts the tastes of its customers.

One of Mr. Zyman’s ways to increase sales is to sell “more times.”  In the kitchen remodeling business, data exists that says how long a typical kitchen goes before it’s redone; let’s say that number is 16 years. A way for a remodeling company to increase sales would be to accelerate that timeframe. If they can cut it in half that would certainly have a positive impact.  So how do you accelerate the remodeling timeframe? Or how do you get people to buy a new car every 4 years rather than 6 years? How do you sell more times, or more often? You change your marketing arc. This is not done through a loyalty program, it’s done with deep dish marketing thinking. “Sell more” is one of the many marketing questions we all need to think about…more.