National Bread Challenge.


The Great Harvest Bread Company is in year 2 of a really smart sampling promotion called the “National Bread Challenge.” Bring an unopened loaf of processed supermarket bread to one of Great Harvest’s 200 stores nationally and they’ll replace it with one of their loaves, which began taking shape at 2:30 A.M. that morning – kneaded by hand from freshly milled grains. Sound like a heavy loaf? Sound dry? Sound crunchy? Not even close. This bread redefines bread. It’s wonderful.

Great Harvest is betting consumer taste buds will help them grow market share. They are trying to recondition the market to pay more for better bread. Healthier bread. Every marketer needs a mark or a villain and this time the villain is processed white bread. Bread with no nutritional value, despite what Wonder Bread will tell you.

(Disclaimer: Great Harvest president Eric Keshin is a friend.)

Trial, getting people to try your product for the first time, is a time-tested marketing tactic. In this case, it’s an expensive one.  Giving away free loaves from November 10-12, 2017 is a high stakes effort. Were the bread average in taste and quality, it would be a silly move. It’s not. Find yourself a processed loaf and trade it in. Let those taste senses fire off some new synapses. Fresh is the new fresh.