No crying over spilt…



David Maxwell for The New York Times

Some big box stores have redesigned the gallon milk carton and consumers are up in arms. The new boxy cartons are not easy to pour and often result in the spilling of some milk. “What the…?” say new users while sloshing these oblong vessels. Trainers are now stationed near the milk area in Wal-Mart and Costco teaching grumpy buyers the new “rock and pour” technique.

Why are we to be inconvenienced by this new boxy gallon design?  Why must we retrain ourselves in the pour? It is simple: gallon jugs are expense to make, stock, ship, clean, load and shelve. They are inefficient and are an amazing energy suck. These forward thinking companies deserve our applause.  We should learn from them.  All us us need to be a more thoughtful of energy consumption. And if it requires a little inconvenience or a little retraining I’m all for it. 
(Try this one — next time you are at the deli buying a sandwich say “No paper bag please.” Got to start somewhere.)