One bloody nose?

Is it me, or did David G. Neeleman the CEO of JetBlue Airways go down faster than a Sears radial? One bad snowstorm, the highest fuel prices ever, and a little schmootz on his suit and he steps down?
Under pressure from the board? Come on. 
JetBlue was the most successful airline launch ever and one bloody nose later Mr. Neeleman is on the tarmac? I thought this guy was supposed to be feisty. I don’t know Dave Barger, but if he’s an airline insider and not a change agent like Neeleman, Jet Blue is going to come back to the pack. Fast.
Mr. Neeleman is a guy who punched the airline industry right on the nose during its most difficult of times, and now he’s allowing himself to be pushed aside. Typically this type of announcement is health related, I don’t think so. Strap on a pair, Mr. Neeleman, and tough it out. How else are you going to learn? 
He’ll be back in 18 months.