One Dimensional Creatives.


Creative people, sadly, tend to be really creative in one dimension. Some are great writers, others wonderful designers, some skilled idea people. There are creative people who are wonderful storytellers, musicians and artists. But it’s a rare rarity that you find someone who is crazy skilled in all dimensions.

Check out this video – the Look Up video. Wonderful poetry, average video.

In marketing the most sought after spenders of big budgets are what I call “producers.” Producers bring together strong single dimensional creative experts and choreograph the output. Not an easy job. The reason ad agencies still exist is because this choreography is what they do best. Ad agencies do it using top talent. DIYers rely on single dimensional creative people alone and it shows. And today with everyone clamoring for digital help, the tendency is to hire creative programmers, further diminishing the good work gene pool.

Great brand managers are also great producers. They are not curators – curators are plentiful – they produce selling materials and buildables that exude multi-discipline craftsmanship. And for this I say thank you hey-suess! Peace.