Politcal Punking. A sign of…



Are NPR and PBS left-leaning?  I reckon.  As a southpaw I have tended to not notice.  But let’s remember, prior to president Obama’s election, for 8 years the government was in the hands of the republicans and it still funded PBS and NPR. 

The Schillers Affair is much ado about nothing. Vivian Schiller will be replaced by someone better in a matter of hours.  A few check writers will stop contributing and few more will take up the slack and we will move on.  

Politics as unusual.

Is there any good news in all of this?  I would say yes.  I would say that more people are beginning to take politics seriously.  More people are caring…not less.  Millennials, who know a thing about punking, are paying attention. They may not fully understand collective bargaining agreements, but they do understand what a midnight, backdoor procedural move is and understand what just happened in Wisconsin.  Ask a kid what’s going on in the Middle East and for the first time in 50 years you will get a cogent answer.  

Tip O’Neal said all politics is local. Well, for many, all politics has been quite foreign.  We have not seen the last of political punking; it’s a sign of the cultural times.  In fact, I smell a TV series created by the producers of Undercover Boss.  

The more people care, the more people debate, they more we get involved — the better our country will be. Does this mean I like what Peter King Rep of NY is doing today? WTF no!  Will I defend his right to dialogue? Yes, the Beavis.  Peace!

(Happy birthday Derek.)