I think positivity is a word…it’s just hard to use in a sentence.  As a principle for brand planning though, it’s a good word and should be used more often. 

There are lots of different kinds of people in the world — and many greys.  But it’s a universal truth that people who share the positive are more enjoyable.  It’s hard to enjoy negative.  As we search for brand planks for our brands – the supports and proof(s) that create brand allegiance and value – it is a good idea to focus on the positive.  Some might look to create a positive that fills the void of a competitors negative, and that’s not an ineffective approach, but it may relate to a non-endemic value of your brand; a second language as it were.

Don’t sell against other’s weaknesses, sell your strengths.

Social commentators are important. Improvement is important.  That said, it’s very mother-in-law like to focus on making things better. Positivity is worthy.  Peace.