Posters and Pasters


I really like Charlene Li of Forrester Research. She’s smart, has immersed herself in the social networking/social media category and she is the “go to” analyst in the business. But if “to a hammer everything looks like a nail,” then to a research analyst everything requires a segmentation study.

Charlene’s new thing is Social Technographics. It’s a nice branded name for a segmentation study identifying people in their different levels of social networking adoption. Buy the book Groundswell or employ Forrester and learn how to market your product to consumers anywhere along this adoption curve. The six segments are: Inactives, Spectators, Joiners, Collectors, Critics and Creators.
Here’s my segmentation study. Posters and Pasters. This is the Ying and Yang of social media. The Mutt and Jeff. The Perez and Paris. Posters are the creators of new and original content. Pasters are the organizers and repurposes of that content. Pretty simple really. Short book. And free.