The power of a simple idea.

A couple of months ago a person in Texas had a simple idea that had an amazing impact on our country. One person, one simple idea. A young women placed a telephone call to local authorities suggesting she was being sexually abused at the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Eldorado, TX. Whether the caller was being truthful as to her identity we do not know – she was never found – but we do know her call set off an amazing set of events. 
468 children were removed from the ranch. Many Texas families stepped up, altering their lives to take in these children. The story, broken by the national news media, captured the public’s attention and created indignant debate and discussion across the land. Innocent lives were thrown into chaos. Innocent lives were saved. The reverberations have been felt all around the world, most recently in the Texas Supreme Court. 
One idea. One phone call. See what happens when your idea hits a nerve?