Roots and the Craft Economy.


Edward T. Hall wrote a book in 1976 entitled “Beyond Culture” in which he coined the phrase “Extension Transference.”  Wikipedia defines it thusly:

“Extension transference is a phenomenon that occurs when we create systems to help us do things more efficiently and effectively an in ways that we can measure and control. Often these are processes that we once did quite naturally on our own.”

The global economy with worldwide pricing and manufacturing for pennies on the other side of the planet, allows Americans to consume like there’s no tomorrow. This is bad for planet earth… and bad for its inhabitants.

Mass production, low price points, laziness, package directions and extension transferences based upon technology are hurting out hearts and brains. Some people literally and figuratively don’t know where they’re going…without Google Maps.

I’ve been a proponent of a cultural trend in America I like to call “Roots.” Roots brings us back closer to sanity.  We learn how things work (science), we become more self-sufficient yet communal, we use our leisure time to do and learn rather than play.  As Carlota Perez says, we need to stop messing up the planet and start an economy based on durable goods, servicing those goods rather than tossing them into the landfill; we need to live our lives in ways that leave the trail cleaner than when we found it.

This is the craft economy. And it will contain a lot less extension transferences and a lot more self-determination.  We will understand how to keep out bodies healthy rather than create a GDP where 15+% is healthcare related (a figure that doesn’t even count pharmaceuticals or insurance.)  Roots and the craft economy.  It’s the way forward. Peace!