Skechers on the Heelys of a Takeover

Skechers shoes is trying to buy Heelys.   It is another example of a billion dollar company trying to improve its lot by taking over a hundred million dollar specialty company and I hope the sale doesn’t go through.  Skechers is a nice brand that had some focus and momentum but lately has been trying to find its way; it is now less about the shoes and more about style, fashion and yesterday’s stars. The ads on the Skechers website are pathetic. I guess they can’t afford a good idea or good production, while paying all those celebrity endorsers. 
Heelys on the other hand is focused. They have a sizable consumer target, unique product and though it appears things have slowed for them somewhat, a tight business idea.  If Heelys dilutes its core idea and tries to expand to older kids or allows Skechers to take them over and taint the product waters, they are finished. As in buh-bye finished!