Geico Cavemen an ESPN Fantasy?



Is it just me or is anyone else starting to burn out on the Geico cavemen? (And the freakin’ gecko is starting to get on my nerves too. I can’t paint the house and listen to the radio without hearing that Cockney blather every 15 minutes.)  To add insult to injury  announced
the Cavemen are being used in a cross-promotional deal with ESPN’s Fantasy Football. OMG.
I yakked when I heard the caveman was doing a TV show on ABC, but this is downright silly. What’s in it for ESPN? Will women buy more Geico insurance because they associate men who play fantasy football with cavemen?  And as for entertainment value, did anyone notice the Cavenman TV showed flamed out?
Hope this stuff only runs in the summer during reruns. Peace!
PS. I’m cranky because my car got towed in Brooklyn yesterday.