Small Business Website Magic.



I recently met with a couple of men building a company that helps small businesses update and maintain their websites. There are apparently 15 million small businesses websites and most use cousins or friends-of-friends for this sort of work.
The company’s strategy is to replace this freelancer workforce with a branded, affordable solution. They believe every small business website contains more or less the same content components: contact info, about, product/pricing, email and maybe commerce. They’ve codified the assessment, evaluation and solution in a way that provides a quick and effective website upgrade and content management capability which they guarantee. Brilliant! 
The business, however, needs to be mindful of one additional thing that is hard to codify. Not impossible, but hard. It’s called the magic. Every company large or small has a little magic that makes it different; it might be the people, an ingredient, attitude, location, or simply creative flair. It needs to be captured and presented in the website.     
The good news for this company is that the product is not a software crawler. It’s people driven. And the people are not off-shore, they are here in the U.S. Capturing the “magic” is the last piece of the puzzle for this company. And when they figure out that piece, they will hit the Inc. 500.