The Customer-Facing Fallacy.


Customer-facing research is often undertaken by consultants. Outsiders. Pollsters. Research analysts. But who are the real customer-facing experts? The employees who actually face customers. All those employees.

Many marketing organizations go straight to consumers to find out about the customer experience.  Certainly, a great place to start. But when talking about presenting a face to the customer, it’s the company’s own “servers” that are most important. They are the ones we should be studying. What language are they using? How do they build trust? Acceptance?  How do the best customer-facing people do compared with the least effective?  And I’m not talking only about selling. I’m talking satisfaction. I’m talking problem resolution. I’m talking smiling custies.

The term customer-facing is used often in the marketing department. Why is it we rarely actually study the people whose faces are in the faces of the customers?