The Future of Sales.


Does anyone want to bet the cars we drive today will be the same as those that will transport us in 30 years? I don’t. Apple is not taking that bet. Seeing the future is hard. Did medallion taxi drivers know UBER was going to upset their market and livelihoods? Did the railroad see airplane travel as a down-the-road disruptor?

Railroad_Trestle_(Old)Closer to home, do marketers and ad agents see what is coming in the world of selling? Do they recognize software, devices, location and databases will make it easier for sellers to find, meet and incentivize buyers than ever in history? Presumably with less mark-up.

I may be wrong, but as our future selling tools and conveyances change (advertising, distribution channel, and overhead) one thing that will remain will be brand strategy. That means name, design, position, and the organizing principle that binds it all together. Of course, that’s what the railroad tycoons said, so I/we must be on alert. On high alert.