The General News Journal

 Rupert Murdoch is at loggerheads with The Wall Street Journal’s top editor Marcus W. Brauchli, and it looks like Murdoch is going to win.  They are at odds over the direction of the paper.  Mr. Murdch wants to compete with the New York Times and increase coverage of general news and politics.  Mr. Brauchli and the Bancroft Family, the Journal’s previous owners, wish to see the paper stick to its financial roots.  As do I.
If you take Wall Street out of the Journal you have a newspaper without a conscience.   Wall Street is like no other street in the world.  It and the financial industry need its own newspaper. Money is important. And ever shall be in America. Mr. Murdoch, it’s okay to make little satisfying changes, but this overhaul needs to stop. And, please leave the “Marketplace” section alone. It’s quite good.