The Remediation Economy.


Having lived through the technology age, born of the IC (integrated circuit), I have seen multiple hundred billion dollar markets created. The typewriter was replaced by the word processor. Then came the PC. And the smart phone. The internet preceded whatever the heck Web3 is going to be…blockchain put to good use, I guess. But the truly big next market, I am sad to say, looks like it will be “planetary or environmental remediation.”

We have been take, take, taking resources from the planet for hundreds of years and the planet is pushing back. Mining fossil fuels, cutting down trees, spewing carbons into the atmosphere is about to cause cataclysmic problems for the two-eyed beings on the earth.  We can’t continue to hollow out the earth for resources and reduce planetary water and live happily ever after. Scientists are taking serious notice.

So, what’s next is finding new ways to fix the planet. And we already have our eyes on the prize, albeit half-heartedly. The Inflation Reduction Act contains $350 billion in loan and loan guarantee money for people looking to remediate environmental harm. When Silicon Valley is replaced by Remediation Valley and we start truly generating new wealth around fixing the ills of the past, we will truly have our next gen market.

Elon, Jeff and Greta, are you listening.

It’s sure going to be worthwhile.