The Wix Logo Maker.


I was watching TV the other day and a Wix ad asked “Need a professional looking logo for your brand? Then Try the new Wix logo maker.” Oy.

I made a career out of working in emerging technologies. I love the digital age. Google’s brand promise “the world’s information one click away” shows me that digital companies are good marketers and branders too. But marketing and, especially, brand building are not Do It Yourself pursuits. A logo making machine, come on!

Trademarkia has made it cheap and easy to establish a brand name. Wix has made it cheap and easy to create websites. Google Adwords has made it cheap and easy for small business owners to advertise. But building a business or growing and scaling a business is not a just an add water process.

Here’s the strategic input required to create a new Wix logo.

Enter Your Brand Name – Add the name of your brand, business or organization, and tell us what you do.

Tell Us What Your Logo Is For – Describe your business, so our logo maker can create a logo that fits your brand.

Share Your Design Style- Let us know more about your personal style—from colors and fonts, to icons and more.

Customize Your Logo Design – Edit and polish your logo online till it looks exactly the way you want.

Abracadabra, out pops a logo.

This is the most narcistic marketing tools known to man. The business world will be littered with Wix logos in 20 years. Why? Because these logos have nothing to do with the consuming public. It’s all me-centric strategy. And more importantly, machines aren’t designers. They’re machines. Oh, the horror.