Time Man of the Year: Authenticity


Dave Desmelik, a singer-songwriter, is authentic.

Chipotle quick service restaurant is authentic.

Sweet Loren’s break and bake cookies are authentic.

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara is authentic.  

82% of marketers, performers and politicians are authentic.

Where does the leave the rest of us air breathers?  If you haven’t guessed, “authentic” is not my favorite new marko-babble word. If you have to remind people you are authentic you are probably a lawyer or a used-car salesperson. Are we as a society so inauthentic that we have to position as such?  And whose fault is that? Let’s look inward. Let’s look at marketers. The people who pass off middling products and services as best-in-class. Who go to the superlative bank.

A recent white house denizen was so fast and loose with the facts many people don’t really cares about the truth.  

Marketers who used to be held accountable by standards and practices departments in media companies, are no longer. Sure, we have Yelp and Trust Pilot and other comment engines but those are cumbersome and fluky. So, we just jump to labeling things and people authentic.

It’s a waste of air. Of ink. Of digits.

Build your brand with real proof and evidence. Not words. Apparently, words only count in poetry and literature.