Don’t Worry, Be Positive.


One of the big centers of gravity in brand planning these days is articulation of the brand problem.  When you articulate a problem so the thinking goes everything thereafter can be construed as a solution.

(Caveat: In my brand strategy practice I’m only concerned with master brand strategy — the organizing principle for product, experience and messaging. Master brand strategy makes all marketing tactics easy. They’re easy because they toe the strategic line. Lots of brand planners are tasked with project or tactical efforts. One offs, e.g., generate leads, increase loyalty, engagement, etc.)

At What’s The Idea? the word problem is viewed as temporal. Problems change. There’s always another problem. So, rather than look for a big honkin’ problem to solve I look at positive values for which there is pent-up demand.  I look for values and endemic product characteristics that are so loud, so bright they overshadow any current and future negatives. You can’t go changing your brand strategy every time a new problem comes about. That’s what tactics are for.

Good master brand strategy makes your brand future proof. Save your tactics for defense. Use your brand strategy for offense.