To Big or Not to Big?


When naming my company, I debated using What’s The Idea versus What’s The Big Idea. Donnie Deutsch used The Big Idea in his cable TV series many years ago but that didn’t really factor in.  I opted out of the word “big” because it sounded boastful and braggartly. Plus, big is in the eye of the beholder. And frankly.  Most barns don’t even have an idea, let alone a big idea. Plus dropping big made the URL shorter.

A brand idea doesn’t need to be big to be good.  It just needs to convey the appropriate consumer value and position of the product. If it does, then it’s up to the marketing team and agencies to make the strategy big and ring the cash register.

Leave the tactics to those paid to create interest and sales. Leave the idea to the brand strategists.

Is “refreshment” a big idea for Coke or just an idea?

Is “The world’s information in one click” (Google) a big idea or just an idea?

How about “safety” for Volvo?

Or “love” for Subaru.  (Just kidding, that one’s a clunker.)

There are lots of little brand ideas out there.  Let’s start by crashing through that ceiling.