Watering Down Starbucks. Again.



OMG. WTF. WAM (What A Mess. That one’s mine.) 


People get sick and it makes them stronger. Companies get sick and it makes them stronger. They look deeply within, understand core competencies, explore those competencies, find truths, tighten up and evolve.   


Howard Schultz and his senior marketing people at Starbucks are trying to shoot their way out of this recession with some ill-advised new products: instant coffee and value meals. It’s sad. Someone smart said recently that when Starbucks started to smell more like bacon and eggs than coffee beans the company was in trouble.  Starbucks is not about instant — instant breakfast or instant coffee. It’s about the world’s best coffee. I don’t mind by my Tazo tea every once in a while, so long as it’s being sold by a company that offers the world’s best coffee.


What’s the idea with Starbuck? Not sure any more. They need to prove the mission, not dilute it. And the mission is not be about the Benjamins, it’s about the coffee. Peace!