What Men Want.


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It’s Fashion Week in NYC and I love it. I read every word of Cathy Horyn the New York Times style editor and when it’s all over I wait until next season. Ms. Horyn is a wonderful writer and certainly has an opinion. Some designers won’t let her in their tent.

I always enjoy looking at the pictures of the men and women strolling down the runway, but today noticed something that has finally sunk in. The best new clothes and designs are for women. The men and their clothes just look goofy. Is anyone designing for men anymore? Red shorts and blue pork pie hats? Stupid loopy sweaters and lame diapers? Pants that show ankles and Capri pants? Come on! Close you eyes and squint…and you can see how these clothes might look good on a woman, but a dude?

We’re getting short shrift here men. Does anyone know what men want? I think not. Maybe next year. Peace!