A crafty view forward.


Gentrification is often seen as a bad word. It’s happening in Brooklyn, Oakland, Brixton and well beyond. Frankly, gentrification is a sign of economic progress. It’s also a demographic phenomenon; a changing of the boomer guard. The Brooklyn surrounding the Barclay Center is very different than it was 10 years ago. The Norwegian enclave in Bay Ridge is no longer what it was decades ago. We are an economically driven, upwardly mobile society when the economy allows. And with so many stories of gentrification, it seems the economies are on the mend.

I talk a lot about the craft economy – an economy where “junk” products and services shipped here in containers from China are less welcome. Where it is better to buy something for more money that won’t go into a landfill in 18 months. Where tradesman and craftswomen are more interesting to talk to than investment bankers. Where lettuce grown on your own property tastes better than something wrapped by Dole in plastic bag.

The craft economy is about taking pride in your planetary contribution. Dialing down pesticides and PVCs. Living a healthier life so you needn’t pump the body up with pharmaceuticals. It’s about fixing up neighborhoods. And reaching out to all kinds of people, to learn the crafts of yesteryear and create the crafts of tomorrow. Marketers are learning from the craft economy. Go forth and prosper.