The Craft Economy Is Not Going Away.



What would you rather have, one really good cup of strong, aromatic, nose curling coffee or 3 cups of watered down convenience store swill? How about one beer with a lovely malt taste, not over-hopped, and a rich, clean aftertaste or 3 PBRs. Last one, a plate of pasta with fresh backyard tomatoes, skinned and deseeded, a nice touch garlic and basil, sprinkled with Locatelli or a jar of Ragu?

If you favor the former, you are an appreciator of the craft economy. Where less is more, flavor is key and, sadly, the cost may be greater. It is mass production versus batch made. I’ve written this week about the craft economy and how it’s trickling into packaged goods. And how consumers are taking on more responsibility for preparation and doing it themselves. The craft economy allows us to remove unhealthy practices, preservatives and ingredients. It allows us to take more pride in our role in health and sustainability. In the craft economy we reuse more. We create more from scratch. It takes time. And as a result we may watch less TV, be less sedentary — and learn as we develop craftsmanship. Always be learning.

The craft economy helps us appreciate each other more, ourselves more and the planet more. It’s here to stay – and for all the right reasons.