Future of Work Part 4.


Today’s installment of the Future of Work, penned in 2011 looks at the

“Logged and tagged” workplace.

  • Businesses have required information to be logged and tagged. (Salesforce.com)
  • Localized to centralized. Knowledge worker to log-in ID.
  • Cloud computing, (and private cloud), interoperability and improved usability allow “better access for all.”
  • Culture and fealty diminished.  

“If you want to go faster and you want a                                         system that is more reliable, you have to                                         be willing to spend less.”                                                                                                             Larry Ellison, Oracle, 9/10

Implication for FOW: We can provide anytime, anywhere access and achievement – MSFT should reinforce the muscle memory it owns around productivity. Become the top-of-mind facilitator for this, but with a communal heart.

The so-called gig economy resulted from the logged and tagged workplace. When this new, temporary, as-needed workforce was overlaid with GPS, it opened up the market for Uber and other interesting economy-altering businesses.

The implication of this insight was to turn a negative (on-demand worker lemmings) into a positive (communal businesses of fluid workforces), the benefits of which are lower cost, higher productivity and perhaps a pinch of creativity.

I’ve always like the insight, but think companies did not foresee some mental health implications among participants due to loss of control. Software like Slack and Teams has helped. And MSTF’s Teams is ripping right now.