My LinkedIn Profile…Open For Business.


I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to certain things. I don’t prevaricate. I don’t even lie. I won’t eat popcorn at the movie theater until the movie starts and I don’t like to add people to my LinkedIn connections I don’t know.  In fact, if someone asks to connect I don’t know them I’ll spend all sorts of time tracking down their email so I can send this little note off:

Morning.  Thanks for the LinkedIn request. 

I try to stay true to the LinkedIn mission by only adding people I know.  If we haven’t met, may we quickly remedy that with a phone call or Skype?

Hope that’s all right with you. I’m flattered that you’d like to link up.  …Steve Poppe

I’m rethinking this stickle.  Life’s too short. As of today, I’ll be adding all comers, save for the few beauties with bountiful breasts, who are likely Russians.)

IRL I wouldn’t parry the request of someone who wanted to talk. And frankly, though I think Reid Hoffman is really smart, I won’t let his rules for LinkedIn guide my ability to share my business crap. (Did I just call my life’s work crap? Hee hee.) I am, after all, in the business of learning from others and making connections.

So there you have it, my LinkedIn is open to all for business. This morning alone I accepted one new and two back dated requests. Let the party begin.