Radio Radio. Roots.


radio with ipod

The Ad Contrarian wrote an interesting pro-radio piece with some surprising usage metrics a couple of days ago. Check it out.  A network television friend of mine and I have had a few conversations about radio and we agree to disagree. I like to think that someone smart is going to produce a serial entertainment program for radio that will really catch on. The type of radio programming I envision died out with the advent of television, but with great writing, storylines, performances and sound effects, it is a very viable business idea. Culturally, Americans are in need of constant entertainment. That’s why we have so many devices. Good appointment radio can make a comeback.

Can’t you see it starting in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and catching on in college dorms across the country? My guess is NPR will pick it up first and I’m not talking about call in shows or game shows, I’m talking drama or comedy. It’s roots stuff. Roots is big.

The creators of this type of aural entertainment need to reinvent radio, not approach it with a 90s hat on.

Audience is all about content. The web is hot because of search and content. But take away the search and you have an also ran content network. Good movies get seen. Great books get read. Evocative television gets watched. Inspiring Websites get trafficked. A killer radio program will get listened to. What’s taken so long? Peace!