Software Hard. Hardware Soft. Microsoft.


The amount of learning Microsoft has done over past 25 years is Hard to fathom.  The company MO was to hire the best and brightest out of school and set them to work to change the world.  The company created a culture of achievers, many of whom felt they were the smartest people in the room — and when the room was all softies they competed with one another. Vigorously.  Many were smart enough to understand what it meant to be an overdog. They understood the concept of humility. But not all.

Hence the products and services they envisioned were overly complicated. Over-engineered. And frankly, over-visioned. You can do that with software and get away with it, but you can’t with hardware.  Microsoft learned those lessons with the Zune and Kin.

Lately, Microsoft has mellowed. Like a fine wine.  They developed feelings and more of a human instinct. That is why I believe their Surface tablet will succeed.  Hardware is hard to over-complicate and this product design is a good move for Redmond.  Its success will provide balance for the company. Even the name Surface suggests a cultural change for a company that has otherwise prided itself on being deep. A breath of fresh air, this. Peace.