The World Got Flatter.


I write a good deal about pent up demand. When you develop a product or service for which there is pent up demand you tend to ride a nice wave of sales and market share gain. It’s a supply and demand thing. But what happens when you are a “beyond the dashboard” marketer and create a product with no demand at all. I’ve been there. It’s exciting. And nerve-wracking.

Pokemon Go is a product for which there was pent up demand. Maybe. Ish. I spoke to a couple of kids who thought the idea silly – of an age where they tho0ugh tis was not cool. But there are gazillions of kids playing and enjoying it. Not looking over their shoulders, not over-analyzing it; just walking around with a heritage game evolved to use new VR technology.

It’s genius. And transformational. It’s a social computing breakthrough that will change the world.

Stay tuned. The world just got flatter.